Our Story

Michelle Thompson Snohomish, WA - CEO of Strawberryrevolution.com

Our founder and CEO, Michelle Thompson, lives in Seattle and is passionate about designing, creating, innovating. She lives and breathes creativity and strives to inspire others to think, create, and blossom as well! As a mom and former Newborn Photographer she understands the wants and needs of lady bosses and moms across the globe, thus making our company so super popular in the MOM BOSS universe!

Strawberry Revolution was born when Michelle created the perfect tie-back headband to wear during her studio sessions (hence the name "Studio Tie-back"). In April of 2014 the STUDIO TIE-BACK™ was released to the public and ever since then, they have been flying off the shelves and have become the new MUST HAVE Stay-put headband!

Since then, we've added two more "stay-put" headband styles and dozens of other fun Lady Boss apparel and gifts to our shop!

Being accustomed to and experienced with all things photography, you'll see a lot of photog related products on our site, but we assure you that we have something for every woman! From the largest selection of Newborn Photographer Swag in the world - to coffee lovers and sports moms dream apparel. We even offer kid's apparel and headbands!

Thank you so much for your continued love for our products and for being such a big part of our story!