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We have 3 different styles of headbands here at

1. The Studio Tie-back® This is our #1 selling product and the creation that built our company! Our Studio Tie-backs have our signature stretch ties for an all day fit. They can be worn wide or thin. This is one of our more casual headbands.

2. TRUEfit Band™ -These fitness bands will make you WANT to work out! Worn slightly over your forehead for an all day fit. After all nobody has time to constantly adjust their headband during strenuous workouts! These bands have been very highly reviewed by Barre Instructors, Yoga instructors, and Personal Trainers! 

3. BOHO Twist Tie-back™This is the new kid in town! This headband still has our signature stretch ties, but are made with a soft jersey and can be worn 4 different ways!