$ 39.00

Box #6 will ship out January 15th, 2018

Want to become an exclusive StrawRev Boss Babe? Our brand new subscription program will allow you to receive a brand new tee every other month + a couple other small Boss Babe goodies!

QUESTIONS? We have answers for ya below!

What will I get in my Box?

You will receive a brand new exclusive Boss Babe tee from StrawRev + a couple other smaller (but just as awesome) Boss Babe goodies. Every other month your box will be different! Our boxes are focused on Boss babes of all kinds. They will be generically suited for all Pretty and powerful women. There are no specific genres like Photography etc. at this time.

How do I know what size to select for my tee?

All of our Exclusive tees will be printed on our crew neck and wide neck styles. Select your normal size for a women's tee. Our tees are meant to fit a little relaxed. This gives you room to style, knot, and roll up sleeves for a very feminine look! Colors will vary per month.

Do I get a preview of the next month’s box?

Part of the fun of these exclusive boxes is the element of surprise! We want you to be thrilled when you open your box to discover all of your new GIRL POWER goodies. This is why we are keeping it a secret each month (Although we may tease a little and give out hints from time to time)

The photos in this listing show a preview of May and June’s exclusive tees!

How much is it?

We’ve priced our Boss Babe boxes at an affordable $39/mo - this includes your $6 shipping charge for U.S. postage. Only International shipping (outside of US) will be added on.

Can I cancel anytime? 

Of course! Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at anytime after you've committed to 2 orders. Just log into your account to make adjustments on your subscription.

When will my box ship out?

Expect your box to ship out between the 15th-16th of every other month. We'll send you the tracking info via email each month!

When should I expect my charges to take place?

Your card will be charged for your monthly box on the same day every month. This date will be the day you signed up for the subscription. The boxes will ship between the 14th-16th of every other month regardless of when you signed up.

Can I purchase other items at the same time?

We suggest that you do not buy other items at the same time as your box. All items will have to wait to be shipped together. We suggest you place seperate orders.

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